European Union Pavilion

Enjoy the Perfect Match between European and Japanese food at FOODEX 2020

10-13 March 2020

European Union Pavilion, Hall 4, booth 4A50
FOODEX JAPAN 2020 - Venue: Makuhari Messe, Tokyo

Join us from 10 – 13  March 2020 at the European Union Pavilion for an immersive experience around the merits of European food and drinks: authenticity, safety and quality. Following the entry into force of the EU – Japan Economic Partnership Agreement in 2019, the opportunities for Japanese consumers to enjoy food and drinks from the European Union in their daily life are increasing

To discover The Perfect Match and the merits of using EU agricultural products, click here 


Be inspired to integrate European food and drink products with Japanese ones through cooking shows and information sessions with famous European and Japanese chefs as well as through product tastings and pairings.

Discover how best to match European and Japanese ingredients and create exciting flavours in a perfect match in a number of cooking shows or through tastings and pairing sessions. Through information sessions with experts and cooking shows with famous Japanese and European chefs as well as tastings and attractive product displays, the European Union Pavilion will promote the excellence of the EU food and drink products to the Japanese business and consumer audience with a focus on their quality, safety and authenticity. There will be also examples how best to match European and Japanese products in order to create exciting tastes and flavours: « The Perfect Match »

From 10 – 13 March, every day at 16:00, we would like to invite you to join the European Union Pavilion to discover EU products (food and drink) under the theme of ‘happy hour’.

10 March, 16:00: Wine and Cheese
11 March, 16:00: Beer and crackers
12 March, 16:00: Wine and deli meat
13 March, 16:00: Gin and olives

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The full programme of European Union Pavilion activities is available here


The Official Opening Ceremony of the EU Pavilion will take place on the 10th of March at 12:00 at our booth (4A50)

Chef Tamura-san and Chef Paucod-san will be delighted to welcome you at the Official Opening Ceremony of the EU Pavilion with a cooking show in the presence of EU Ambassador, Ms Patricia Flor and Vice-Minister for International Affairs from MAFF, Mr Osawa Makoto.

We are pleased to invite you to the Official Opening Ceremony of the EU Pavilion.

The full programme of the Ceremony is available here.

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Location: HALL 4, booth 4A50
Time: 12:00 – 13:00   Date: 10 March 2020

SEMINAR ‘Enjoy food from Europe: safety, quality and authenticity’

The seminar will focus on the key merits of the European agri-food products: safety, quality and authenticity, which make them so successful abroad.

The event will gather experts in food safety and quality policy from EU and Japan, as well as representatives of Japanese authorities, EU agencies, local importers and retailers to discuss practical approaches towards quality and safety standards, including food and farming policies, labelling, controls, and geographical indications, as well as opportunities to foster EU-Japan agri-trade.

It is a unique opportunity to learn about EU quality and safety mechanisms for the agricultural and food industry and share views, practices and expectations concerning safe and high-quality food in Japan. Participants will also be able to meet and network with EU experts, representatives of EU Member States and various Japanese and European business leaders.

Information about the speakers in the Seminar can be found here.

The full programme of the seminar is available here.

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Location: Makuhari International Conference Hall, room 302
Time: 14:00 – 15:00    Date: 10 March 2020


Come and visit the European Union Pavilion and discover The Perfect Match of European and Japanese food and drinks!

European Union Pavilion is located in HALL 4, booth 4A50.



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